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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >> reporter: good morning. that is their plan here, you can see the dozens of activists over here but just within the last couple of minutes we've seen an increased police presence. that's just what we see here. if there is something in the works later, we would not see many of the other officers until later. i did speak with the city worker this morning about the encampment here. he said his job is to make sure this place is clean. he says he's happy to see that these guys are cleaning up after themselves and this
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global protest. protesters will be marching to a different subject. this video is from two days ago. but could have been any day that protesters blocked traffic. police are obligated to remove pedestrians from the road for safety concerns. protesters say remove is one thing but beat is another. those tactics that the protesters believe they are using include shove, pushing beating. i talked to one protester a second ago. i said one of the people from sunday night who was hurt went to the hospital. >> mayor ed lee said that he supported first amendment rights and everything. but that doesn't necessarily explain why the police react the way they have. [ chanting ] >> reporter: yesterday, "occupy san francisco" supporters marched up to market street to mission and today they will go to city hall to speak to the
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board meeting. they will ask politicians to back off and let them exercise their first amendment rights. just last night, ed lee supported free speech rights and also said it's important for the sidewalks to remain safe and accessible. police say that's all they are trying to do. >> we're going to issue a notice, sort of laying out this first amendment activities that the police department is, of course, supporting but those violations of law that could result in enforcement action. >> reporter: protesters have conducted many nonviolent acts. still, even though they are nonviolent, it's a form of protest but it also runs into ordinances. blocking traffic is one thing. later today there will be the march up to city hall and since in the past protesters have blocked traffic, you can expect
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the same thing today. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. across the bay, the three uc berkeley graduates who were jailed in iran spoke yesterday to activists taking part in the movement. the three thanked the group for their dedication -- the occupations were just starting when we got out and we were hearing about it little bit by little bit but it wasn't until getting out of here in this city that it hit me, that this was serious. >> bauer, fattal and shourd, those prisoners are protesting long-term solitary confinement. stay with us for continuing coverage of the occupy
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movement. just look for the "occupy protests" tab at the recent rise in violence in san jose continued overnight after an 18-year-old man was shot and killed. police rushed to ross circle last night shortly before 9:00. an 18-year-old man was found shot. he was taken to a hospital but he later died. police have not released his name yet. family members are being not fid. so far there's no word about a suspect or a motive. now, later on this morning, san jose police will talk about the recent spike in homicides and police shootings in the city. there have been six officer- involved shootings so far this year in san jose. the highest amount since 2004. the most recent one was on sunday when police shot and killed a man ating -- at the parkside terrace apartments. police say there have been 35 homicides in san jose so far this year. last year, there were 20. 7:05. a gang fight in richmond has
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caused a rift between richmond police and city employees. paul chambers has more into the investigation into the brawl that left blood-colored walls in city hall. >> reporter: good morning. tomorrowry, we're trying to get more word on this. this all happened last friday. according to publish reports, the officers were paying gang members for services they did for the group's community empowerment program. apparently things got pretty tense when the rival gangs show up and began to throw things. it's reported there were several 911 calms to police. once officers arrived, they found so much blood, they had to call their crime scene cleaners, which is a crew that arrives to clean up homicides. once on scene, officers couldn't find any victims and
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it's being said no one is willing to come forward and help police. so investigators have no suspects. they have no leads. they have in no -- they have no victims because once they got near -- once they got here, no one was willing to come here and talk to them. they found a lot of blood. we'll stay on top of this and hopefully get word back to the city and i will bring that to you. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, paul. thank you. police in mountain view searching now for a man they say sexually assaults a -- assaulted a 16-year-old girl. the allege attack happened at wisman park. police reported the crime. but she said the crime happened last month. she said two men pulled her into a bathroom, grope herred -- groped her and she's describing one. attackers as white, the other as latino. both appear to be in their early 20s. well, an israeli soldier was
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set free this morning, traded for hundreds of prisoners. he was in for five years. he was freed in exchange for 1,000 palestinianny prisoners in israeli custody. coming up, we'll have a live report about what this soldier had to say this morning after being set free. an el cerrito man is being credited from rescuing a driver from a burning car. highway patrol officers say 52- year-old man was driving across interstate 80 in fairfield. for unknown reasons, he veered off and trashed -- and crashed over a free. he managed to free you cannily whose leg was pinned. the car exploded just moments later. culley is hospitalized in critical condition. today san francisco's board
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of supervisors will discuss free muni youth passes. they could vote on a resolution that calls for the school district and the san francisco municipal transportation agency to help cover the costs but the agency faces a projected $23 million budget short fall. monthly muni youth passes now cost $21. that's up $10 from two years ago. welcomeback. >> thank you. thank you. >> it's good to see you. good to see sal. >> that's right, dave and tori. tori, welcome back. there is a new crash there, southbound 680 at the willow pass road exit. watch for slow traffic there. highway 4 is slow you as -- as you come up to the area. you will see the traffic is slow even though willow pat road. it slows heading west toward
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the macarthur maze. most of it is going to be slow. and in hayward, it still looks decent heading to union city and fremont. live picture of the bay bridge. that's backed up for about a 25- minute delay. this morning's commute is going to be slow in san jose as well. 7:09. let's go to steve. more fog. a lot more. it's still rather shallow. it's getting a little bit higher than yesterday. temperature the warmed up. the city was 83, oakland 84. the combination of the two along with a westerly breeze means cooler today. there's still some very warm air in the higher elevations. they will still be in the upper 70s, low 80s. by the coast it will drop a good 15 degrees. so cooler coast and bay, helped along by a -- by a weekend
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system coming in. it will continue the theme of lower clouds and local drizzle and cooler and breezy. the city yesterday just unbelievably shot up to 83. today i'm going 66. i think that will be set by about noon and it will start to drop. there's too much fog out there. now, that's all we're expecting is more of a cooling trend, fog, drizzle. inland temperatures, it will be sunny, mild to warm. we have some really cool lows for napa, fairfield. i know near santa rosa there's some upper 40s but 60s, san jose is in there. livermore at 55. san francisco went from 61 to 56. now sfo has a west wind at 14. yet fairfield, still north at 3. that east wind is trying -- is trying to hold on. it's been sitting out here for a week. finally getting helped along. that front coming in.
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just -- let's get it going, get it going. that's the leading edge of our cooling -- cooling trend. fog is there. what was there is on the coast. it will be sunny, breezy, cooler for some. still mild to warm. we'll go from 60s to 80s. novato in there. rohnert park. concord pleasant hill. 68 berkeley. 70 oakland, 75 in castro -- castro valley. still a few low 80s. santa cruz 73. on the peninsula, anywhere from low 70s to mid- to upper 70s at the coast. it looks like a lot of 60s. low clouds cooler into wednesday and then also thursday and then sunshine. your weekend comes into view there. it does look like sunny side up and welcome back, tori. >> thank you, steve. dust storm damage. this cloud caused a lot more
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problems than just reducing visibility in parts of texas. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. blan because it is.
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this is lubbock, texas at 5:30 in the afternoon. brought traffic to a standstill. dust storm reminiscent of the dust bowl came by. gusts to 63 miles an hour. visibility was zero. unfortunate ily --
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unfortunately, there was no rain. lubbock is 13 1/2 inches below normal on its rainfall. they got the dust. they got the wind but they didn't get any rain. 7:15. we have new video of secretary of state hillary clinton this morning. she's on a surprise visit to libya. she's the highest ranking obama administration official to visit libya since the uprising against moammar gadhafi started in february. secretary clinton is pledging millions of dollars in new aid to libya and is meeting with the national transitional council. israel's prime minister says it's worth it to release 1,000 palestinian prisoners to see one its raley soldier come home. allison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on the swap. >> reporter: israeli soldier,
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he's on a -- he's on a helicopter, right now, on his way to reunite with miss family after five years in hamas captivity. this is video in the last five hours back in israel, back in his military uniform, just hours after his relief. this morning, he spoke on egyptian tv says he hopes his return home will move the peace process forward. >> translator: i hope this will help to achieve peace between the palestinian and the israeli. >> reporter: meanwhile, these are some of the buses carrying the inmates after released from israeli jails. many were facing long sentences for involvement. about half of the 1,000 prisoners are going to be released immediately. the other half will be released later this year. reporting live from washington,
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d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. tuff. 7:17. in san diego, three members of the -- members of the military they maked marriages. two women pretended to be married to one man to get stipend. their punishment includes paying fines. well, it's still not clear if any u.s. troops will stay in iraq pass the december 31st deadline for their withdrawal. the 40,000 u.s. troops still in iraq are preparing to leave. however, negotiations are underway with the iraqi government to leave behind maybe three to five -- 3,000 to 5,000 troops as part of a limited training mission. there is a sticking point. the iraqis are refusing to
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grant diplomatic immunity to any american forces beyond 2011. >> at the present time i'm not discouraged because we're still in the negotiations. >> whether a deal is -- whether a deal is reached or not, they will still be attached to the u.s. embassy. 7:19. tonight -- . tonight there will be a nevada debate. john huntsman is not attending. coming up at 7:38. we'll have a live report from las vegas with why herman cain may find himself the target in the debate tonight. president obama continues his bus to your through north carolina and virginia.
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the president will start his -- will start his day with educators at a north carolina community college. yesterday, the president criticized republicans for blocking passage of his jobs bill in the senate. he also renewed his call for people making more than a million dollars a year to pay a surtax. it asks folks like me who have been blessed to pay a little bit more. folks making over a million dollars a year so we can help get those struggling back. back here at home, a state assembly woman has launched a campaign to be mayor of san francisco. kristin olsen says she paid $600 out of her own pocket to send out more than 4,000 robo
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calls toed? residents asking them to vote for anyone but lee for mayor. this dates back to olsen running the university of stanislaus. they've booked sarah palin to speak at a fund-raiser and senator led a public investigation into how much the university was paying palin to make her speech. 7:20. the frantic call made to 9/11. >> is he still shooting right -- he's still shooting right now. he's still shooting right now. how facebook users say they feel about the new features on facebook. forming. it looks like it's pretty slow this morning again for drunk driver -- again for your commute into the valley. we'll tell you where the trouble spots are.
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he's still shooting right now. how many shots have you heard? >> ten. >> do we know who the shooter is? >> we think we do. it's bun of the hairstylist's husbands. >> that woman was hiding in the back of a salon pleading for police to come. the defendant was arrested. he's being held without bail. there is a new poll out that says facebook features are still not popular. a gallup poll surveyed 2,000 adults and 56% of the users don't like the -- didn't like the new changes. only 26% of the daily users who were surveyed said they were
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concerned about privacy. we want to check in with sal. good morning, sal. >> tori, i know that you follow twitter. 2001 of them says the raid remembers about to get carson palmer. >> oh, interesting. >> did you tell steve that? >> oh, he knows. trust me. >> okay. let's take a look at the traffic now. traffic is moderately heavy. it's a little windy. you can see by looking at the water, especially if you have a nice, high-def tv. you can see the water there. it's windy. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound as you come up to the maze, slow traffic about 20, 25 minutes before you make it on the bridge. and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, slow traffic there. i want to keep an eye on contra costa because we've had a couple of fender-benders.
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>> we do is have -- we do have a cooler pattern today. temperatures will come down. the low cloud deck, oakland yesterday, 84 at the airport. 83 in san francisco. 80s, mid, for many locations. we lose that easterly breeze. 50s and low 60s, although i think these temperatures are gonna come here. i think mountain view is coming down. san jose 60. west at sfo. but still a hint of a fairfield. that's gonna turn around pretty fast. that system coming in there really -- right there. right there. it will still pick up the fog bank. fog, sun, breezy. it will still be warm well inland but not as well. extended outlook, low clouds, cooler into wednesday, some local drizzle. about the same on thursday and
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then sunshine, it looks subny and warm he. tori and dave? >> thank you, steve. a change for hundreds of bay area commuters. the new stop for caltrain riders on the peninsula.
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7:29. investigators have identified the individual they believe is responsible for the shooting at the hells angels facility. here's more. >> reporter: when i spoke to san jose police early this morning, they would not confirm the identity or the name of this suspected shooter. but the news is reporting that he's 38-year-old steve ruiz, also a hells angels member. now this shooting hanked while
7:31 am
the fine -- happened while the funeral was taking place for the previous hells angels that was killed. this shows a group of people crowding around in the moments after 52-year-old steve towson was struck and killed by gunfire. he was a high-ranking member of the santa cruz hells angels. police say when they got in the -- to the shooting, they say there was no sign of a suspect or a shooting. they believe the crime scene was altered and that's hampering some of the investigation. they tell ktvu it's possible that hells angels members may have taken that individual away. they will have a news conference to discuss this shooting case and other details.
7:32 am
allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. we talked to oakland police a short time ago. they are still out there searching for suspects in the stabbing that happened last night in west oakland. investigators say the man was in his 60s. he was stabbed several times in the chest. but we're told he's expected to survive. if you have any information contact oakland police. well, oakland police are defending their response to a robly caught on tape at a -- robbery caught on tape at a pawnshop. look at these pictures. the thief grabbed a 14-karat gold chain and then ran out of the store. he's still on the run. there he goes. now, the surveillance camera took a crystal clear picture of the crime as it hatched. however, the angry pawnshop owner says the police never came by his store to investigate despite his repeated calls. >> i got the suspect pretty much in your hand the right now. he said come here and at least
7:33 am
take a look. now, howard jordan says his officers were responding to more serious crimes at the time of that pawnshop theft, including a shooting and robbery. however, chief jordan is promising that the case will be investigated. 7:32. tonight, the oakland city council will start considering how to spend $60 million in possible new tax money. that 60 million will come into city coffers if oakland voters will pass measure i-next month. measure i-would replace a parcel tax on reports. tonight's meeting starts at 5:30. there is a new report out on the birds of the bay area. the state of the birds' report for san francisco bay finds that bird here are generally doing well. but action needs toking taken -- needs to be taken to ensure
7:34 am
their health. 7:33. a lady named shirley mills of hayward is $2 million richer this morning. she won the lottery playing the california lottery set for life scratcher game. she bought her winning ticket saturday at a lucky's supermarket store in san lorenzo. she will get $100,000 each year for the next few years. she says she will using the -- use the money to pay off bills and help her children with expenses. there are changes for caltrain riders. i want to show you live pictures out there. thises with a temporary train station. now, the temporary station will be used during a $147 million
7:35 am
construction project. our photographer sid farhang is giving us a good look at what's happening out there. caltrain says the project -- the projects should make things safer for motorists and pedestrians. that permanent station will also be built. >> a few people are out there waiting for caltrain. let's check in with sal on the rest of the commute. >> they are eliminating the need for cars to track the railroad tracks. they are gonna a separation there just like they did in millbrae. it work odd ut -- it worked out really well for millbrae. caltrain does also run in san jose, and by the way, they are on time, according to them, anyways. we check in with them every morning. this moving's commute on 237, crossing 880, we have some -- we have some stop and go traffic. when you get to highway 85
7:36 am
there's been some miner fender- benders. we tend not to have any bill crashes. that sometimes is not the case but today a lot of fender- benders out there. 680 willow pass is one of them. 80 is backed up from pinole valley road into richmond. we also look at the nimitz freeway. that's not as bad. but we do have slow traffic begin -- begin -- beginning after 2:-- 238. let's go to sal. cooler. yesterday it was warm for everybody. it will still be mild to warm well away from the coast. 15, 20-degree drop for some. it's possible there's way too much fog. it's being helped by the system finally that's been out there a long time. some low 50s, mid-50s, even a few 60s. you can see why the temperatures have been going down. west 14 at sfo. oakland had an east wind at
7:37 am
5:00 a.m. northwest at 7. any east wind out to the valley looks like it's ready to fall out of the table. >> that system -- that low right there. it's been out there for a long time. it's finally getting kicked -- kirked. today we got more -- we get more of a westerly breeze. they were really wiped out yesterday. that's not the case today. sunny, breezy, cooler. 60s, 70s, very, very low 80s holding on. not before we get some upper 70s and low 80s. temperatures will continue to come down in the next 36 to 48 hours. a lot of 60s on the coast for that fog. fug, son, warm. friday, though, and into the weekend looks sunny and warmer with your weekend in view. you can make plans and in the long-range models are right, next week is looking sunny and
7:38 am
warm again. >> thank you, steve. tonight's debate upon the republican presidential candidates in las vegas could resemble a western shootout. we're live with more. >> reporter: good morning to you, tori. herman cain is the surprise of the republican race. look for them to be center stage tonight. he's come from nowhere to the top of the polls. if you look at our new national poll of cnn, mitt romney is still in the lead. herman cain has to defend his 9- 9-9 tax proposal, especially since now he sees that struggling families would day higher taxes. he also said that he would build a fence, electrifying it and if you are trying to sneak
7:39 am
in the united states electrified. he said he was joke. herman cain will be center stage. but again governor perry, also a lot to improve after a few shaky debate -- his goal is don't make a mistake. try to impress people when it -- when it comes to the economy of the -- when it comes -- when it comes to the economy. governor huntsman has been struggle. nevada and new hampshire are having a squabble about who gets when and so he's hoping this will give him some affinity with new hampshire voters and gives his friends --
7:40 am
voters and his and -- and his -- his supporters. the u.s. senate's vote became last night. the house is developing a similar bill. the body found over the weekend has been identified as deonne carlson. he shoes watt -- she was last seen at finnegan's pub and girl on girl -- pub and girl. >> i can't believe everybody thought -- i can't believe this
7:41 am
happened like this. >> an autopsy is being done today to determine how she died. police are hoping -- more clues. it's now been two weeks since a cancer city baby was reported missing from her crib. police say they've investigated more than 500 tips but none have red 0 -- have led to lisa irwynn. the mother was reported missing after the father returned -- father returned to a tattered house. the woman -- the family madd yeted -- madd mitted they have -- the male admitted they have nothing to do with this case. hey!
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7:45 am
nasdaq is up 1. s&p is up 3 1/2. bank of america all righted third-quarter earnings and the bank said it made 6.2 billion. they say the profit is mostly due to the sale of a sake in a chinese bank. this comes after bank of america lost the number one title in assets to rival j.p. morgan chase. more signs that credit cardholders are struggling. five of the nation's top six credit card companies say late pavements were up last month. the increases were all smaller than 1 percentage point. it's the first time since between of -- since february of 2009 that there was an uptick of late payments within the last -- within 50 days. 300 days.
7:46 am
a young mother? the east bay is demanding answers. jessica smith says she got a call from the daycare and was told that her 5-month-old son had stopped breathing. she had dropped him -- dropped him off at the daycare center hours earlier and said he was put in a bed on his stomach. the. >> i don't know how you don't check on a 5-year-old. how did you go in an -- how do you go an hour without checking on the baby? how do you leave him in there by himself? >> now, the safe sleep practices can and have changed over the years and it's recommends that doctors and providers stay current. she also recommends spending at -- spending a lot of the -- a
7:47 am
lot of time at the day can'ter -- daycare center. >> they should ask the questions about where the baby is gonna sleep. >> the baby was taken to oakland hospital. but doctors say it was too late, that the baby boy had died at the center. the mother was told this might have been s.i.d.s. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook. back to dave. >> thank you, pam. 7:47. video of a 2-year-old girl being run down by a van in china has gone viral and is attracting a lot of outrage around the world. after we watched the video here
7:48 am
at ktvu, we decided it was too graphic to show you. chinese state television aired that piece that shows a van hitting a little girl outside of hong kong. 18 cars drive by her body without stopping. she's in a he -- she's in a coma. 7:48. a coy towarding to "-- according to the cork new york times, reportedly, there were discusses -- to the" new york times "reportedly, there were discussions against moammar gadhafi's military target. the goal would have been to launch a cyber offensive to disrupt the libyan government's air defense system. but in the end, the administration decided not to carry out the plan fearing it might set a dangerous
7:49 am
precedence. an environmental group say people are being exposed to high levels of led at disneyland. a lawsuit filed earlier this year claimed led was found in commonly touched objects by brass door nabs and and windows. the environment group wants the order -- wasn'ts to order the court to cover the items or post warning signs. the california alternative authority has approved tax exemptions, for 33 companies this year. fremont got $5 million in tax breaks. a hearing is scheduled in sacramento to see if the program is actually helping to create jobs. 7:49. the occupied movement has
7:50 am
spread from walt to the bay area and around the world. and while corporate greed is blamed for economic problems, there are two new poles out that show a lot of americans feel otherwise. 63% say the federal government is more at problem for economic problems. only 30% are blaming walt. these numbers are similar in a hole conducted by a lawmakers. well, the occupy protesters can say there's an app for that. a new app -- a new app request says "i'm getting arrested." this quickly sents -- sends messages to a book of people. the ass is free but it's not available yet for the shy 0
7:51 am
phone. >> there's no need to worry. firefighters are conduct -- conducting a -- a controlled burn at don't ious gregoire just. 7:50. it's something we've been talking about, being rescued from a burning building. >> i just want -- i just saw smoke everywhere. >> he sure did. very quick decision that helped save that 6-year-old guy's life. talk about really lost.
7:52 am
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and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. 7:53. right know in israel a freed soldier we believe is arriving
7:54 am
-- right now in israel, a freed soldier we believe is arriving right now. we think this is a live picture of him arriving. it is a little hard to see. the helicopter off in the distance and the lights there -- i'm not sure if that's fog or dust. these are pictures from israel and there are crowds waiting. he was just freed from palestinian custody t was a prisoner swap where they released him in exchange for the israelis relieving almost 1,000 palestinian prisoners and said it was worth it for this one soldier to be releashed. he was -- relieved. he was examined. but again, these, we believe are -- we believe these are pictures. this is a story we'll continue to follow here on "mornings on
7:55 am
2." it is 7:54. health officials say a mosquito found in sonoma county has tested positive for west nile virus. the mosquito was found in western santa rosa. additional perhaps will be set up to check nearby areas. residents are being asked to get rid of -- to get rid of standing water. this year, 113 people have been diagnosed with west nile virus in california. four have die -- four have died from complications. yes, that's a bear cub in a grocery store -- grocery -- grocery store. a customer grabbed the cub, took it outside. the store believes the bear got in through some automatic doors. amazing story. here is another one -- a 6-year- old boy in boston, very lucky to be arrive. he can thank a sure-handed
7:56 am
firefighter for that. xavier lar, the 6-year-old right there with the white shirt, was dropped out of the bird floor window of that burning -- building burning. his grandfather held him out the window of their smoke- filled apartment. >> his grandparents, by the way, they were able to escape as well. police in boston say a fire was set in a failed suicide attempt by a 28-year-old man visiting relatives. about a dozen people had to be sent to the hospital with injuries. 7:56. we want to check in more -- check in one more time with sal. >> good morning tori and dave. once again, we're looking at the commute at the bay bridge.
7:57 am
it's pretty slow. it's 25 to po minutes -- 25 to 30 minutes unless you are a carpooler. this is just because a lot of the people are showing up there. no major problems reported on the bridge. this is a look at the commute on interstate 880 right in front of the coliseum. it looks pretty good here in both directions so far. if you are driving in hayward, southbound 880 is gonna be slow from 238 to the dakota rug. the fog has really more of a -- inland areas, 49 now, napa. to upper 50s and i think some of those low 60s are probably falling by the weighside. the system is the one giving us that cool down today and that will continue tomorrow. fog, sun, breezy, there there
7:58 am
is a -- there will still be some sun today. there was more deadly violence in the bay area's largest city. we'll have the largest on the -- latest on the homicide investigation now underway in san jose.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. >> welcome back to "mornings on 2." >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, october 18th. well, police in richmond right now investigating a bloody brawl that happened at city hall. ktvu's paul chambers is there now and he's gonna tell us why police have having -- police are having trouble pulling together information despite the -- despite the fact there are a lot of witnesses, palm.
8:01 am
>> reporter: fact, paul. -- that's correct. according to published reports, last friday, apparently things got tense when rival gang members showed autopsy -- showed up at the same time and began to -- began to throw dishes and office furniture. once officers arrived, they found so much blood they had to call their crime scene clearance which usually cleans up after homicides. police believe people were seriously hurt.
8:02 am
but once on scene, police did not see anything. and the city-run group will not speak up. i placed calls to get information from them. hopefully, i will get a confirmation on that and i will bring it back to you. live in richmond, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, paul. it is one minute after 8:00, the recent rise in violence in san jose continued overnight after a teenager was shot and killed. police rushed to ross circle last night shortly before 9:00. an 18-year-old man was found shot. he was taken to a local hospital where he died. police are not releasing -- releasing his name until family members are notified. so far there's no information about a suspect or a motive. later this morning, san jose police will talk about the recent spike in homicides and police shootings in that city. there have been six officer involved shootings so far this year. that's the highest amount since
8:03 am
2004. the most recent incident was on sunday when police shot and killed a man at the parkside terrace apartments. police say there have been 30 homicides. last year, there were 20. well, the late-night -- late-night deadline would occupy occupy -- deadline occupy protesters will be planning another march. >> reporter: good morning. marches will talk about what's happening between police and them. so far, the confrontation feared overnight would not happen but the issue that has them at odds with police still exits. yesterday -- exists.
8:04 am
a day earlier on sunday, a similar event, protesters are upset about how the police did their job about dispersing the crowd. but that didn't justify people knocking them down, arresting them. >> five people arrested on sunday some for battery on a t he claims that one of the protesters actually went to the hospital then i asked him well, if you don't want a confrontation why police why do you do things that invites their presence to your protests. >> he said, well, this is a different type of protest. more important -- more importantly, it's a worldwide protest. but they did admit that some of
8:05 am
the acts committed here are in violation of the law. cy debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. make sure you stay right here with ktvu and for continuing coverage of the occupy movement. just look for the occupy protest tab at four minutes after 8:00. a san francisco supervisor wants to give businesses a tax break for hiring felons. the supervisor told "the chronical." he plans -- told "the chronicle", the mayor's goal is to cut $10,000 off a pay tax bill for every ex-felon it hires. later, a judge is expected to rule on a number of matters of serial killer joseph nao --
8:06 am
naso's case. 8:0 a. and investigation is underway in antioch after another incident of vandalism at an elementary school. the playground equipment was set on fire over the weekend. parents and teach, say this was the fifth time vandals have struck this month. the fbi is now investigating a takeover robbery after a 7-11 becomes the latest target. it was this pleasant hill 7-11 robbed earlier sunday morning. police say four masked men pointed guns at the clerk, stole money. over the past couple of weeks
8:07 am
there have been a dozen similar robberies in walnut creek, concord an tab -- concord and antioch. 8:07. a west marin bus route has been cancelled. route 62 served people in stinson beach belinas and point reyes. since it began in 2007, it's averaged less than two passengers an hour. yesterday, transit officials announced the route will be eliminated and this will save marin county about $88,000 a year. let's get sal back, see if everyone is banking out there. >> well, dave and tori, it's
8:08 am
really busy. we're gonna start off with the san jose and santa clara county. 280, not the only freeway that's slow. a lot of people take it. they avoid 101 into sunnyvale. it used to be 101 was always the busy commute. 280 is backed up pretty much right from the 101 interchange all the way up to cupertino with a couple of spots where you break free. the nimitz freeway and the minor crash in fremont is gone. and then we -- of course, we look at highway 4, westbound through antioch and then bay point, 680 all the way to walnut creek is slow. that's a long way for it to be slow. there is a motorcycle crash on the shoulder. if you take 680 from the
8:09 am
benicia bridge, prepare for a long commute. and the bay bridge toll plaza is back up 25 minute before you even make it on the span. let's go to steve. all right. thank you, sir. you can see the fog below, some multiple players here. sunshine ing to -- sunshine trying to break through. a lot of 50s now and most of these 50s will -- will -- it's a sign of cooler weather today. west 14 at sfo that's a sure sign. especially out to the delta. it looks like that's about it turn. most locations are still warm
8:10 am
aloft. this system here it's been sents around, sitting around finally, it's getting bumped by that front that moves it along. even though it's weak it doesn't take much when you have that much fog out there to lift it up about 1,000 feet and start making a -- making -- inland will be in the upper 70s, low 80s. but not nearly as we had yesterday. roller coaster ride on these temperatures. 60s, 70s. a lot of 60s -- 70s in areas that were in the mid- to upper 80s. a little suspect on the creek. we'll go with it.
8:11 am
70s on the peninsula. 60s in the city. temperature went from 61 to 56 from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 an in san francisco. that's a big drop. low clouds, cooler into wednesday, and then it looks like high pressure says i like it over california and so with your weekend in view, be back. supporters of sharp park in pacifica trying to save the golf course. yesterday there was a bennett prongs that would turn this -- >> just for recreation in general. we need to make sure it's here r nor -- here for youroids and -- our kids and our and kids. city students are
8:12 am
considering wall stering. 8:0 -- 8:11. overnight news, hillary clinton makes an unyou a -- unannounced trip overhe sees -- overseas
8:13 am
8:14 am
a pretty shot of some of
8:15 am
these higher clouds up above. there is a lot of fog below that. it will be a beautiful -- beautiful today. 60s 70s around the bay. it will be cooler today. 8:14. we have new video, secretary of state, hillary clinton, this morning on a surprise, unannounced visit to libya. she's the highest-ranking obama administration to visit libya since the uprising against moammar gadhafi started back in february. secretary clinton is pledging millions of dollars. she's also meeting with members of libya's transitional council. 8:15. we're following news from israel this morning. we have some new -- there. look at this. just in, the israeli solar, right there in the crowd, that wave right there, arriving back in his hometown. hundreds turring out to greet
8:16 am
them. you see the crowd greeting him. shaleed was just released a few showers this morning a he was held more than five years in palestinianed -- morning after he was held more than five years in partnership. as allison burnt reports, they had to -- in palestinian. as alison allison burn reports, they had to make a deal. >> reporter: that's right, dave. let's take a look here at some new video we brought in this morning with him meeting with benjamin netanyahu. he had been in hamas activity for five years. he was gaunt and frail but apparently healthy.
8:17 am
we just got a statement from nancy pelosi who has met with his family several times and publicly called for his release, she said, for the family indeed for all of the citizens of israel, for all who have worked and longed for gallad's release. this day a cause for hope, yet it's a reminder of our need for resolve. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. 8:17. a state assemblywoman has launched a -- launched a phone campaign against leland yee's
8:18 am
bid against him. she spent $600 for robo calls -- robocalls to discourage voights for him. california senators barbara boxer and dianne feinstein are among those urging the obama administration to let homeowners with underwater mortgages refinance. many bay area homeowners say they would love to refinance to take advantage of new, lower interest rates. however, a lot of them owe more than the home is worth. ther a push to -- there is a push for responsible homeowners to refinance even if they are
8:19 am
underwater. checking for earthquake damage. >> yes. in washington, d.c., there's one particular company very busy for the next few weeks, building engineers will be checking the national cathedral for damage. this is -- this is the same crew that held from the monument. >> this just hits more -- it gets more ent tanging for us while we're up there. >> reporter: they recovered one large chunk of limestone from the cathedral. however, they say that damage was from hurricane irene, not the earthquake. 8:19. this river out ther we're talking about and he's challenging its handlers at the
8:20 am
museum of discovery and science. here's what we mean. this is his -- this is as -- this is as far as he will go in the water. he's holding onto the rocks with his tail. this is joey. 9-month-old. he won't go all the way in the water like his other otters. his handlers say he was probably rescued before his mother taught him how to spim -- swim. >> there's absolutely progress being made. when he came in, he would not even stick his nose in the water. >> now, joey is more comfortable being on the rocks. they hope to change that before everything opens in about three weeks. is. 8:20, the nba season was supposed to start from three weeks today but dozens of games have been cancelled. aaron, you're all set. great, thanks.
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activists taking part in "occupy seattle" are no locker allowed to camp -- longer allowed to camp out at a downtown park. seattle's mayor says he supports the right to protest but adds cam. is illegal in the parks and all 150 tents have been taken down. and now mayor michael bloomberg said the tent city cannot be called free speech. bloomberg said yesterday, the constitution does not cover tents. a new poll finds 72% of new yorkers believe the tent city should be allowed to remain. 8:24. new this morning, the oakland raiders could be making a big trade to get a tampa bay to replace jayston campbell. we're ratherring -- we're hearing reports that the raiders and the bengals are close to a deal to bring carson
8:25 am
palmer to the raiders. they might have to give up two first-round draft picks. sports fans all over the country know it has -- know about the harbaugh handshake. the nfl says it will not fine the two coaches involved in that bizarre incident after sunday's game between the 9 -- yeah, that handshake. john harbaugh ran up to jim schwartz, really aggressively shook his hand, shaped -- slapped him on the back and reportedly shouted an obscenity. schwartz was outraged, ran after harbaugh. the two teams held them apart. since there was no fight, they say there is will be -- there will be no fines. david stern says without a
8:26 am
feel today, his gut feeling is there will be no -- there will be no nba player until after christmas. sticking point is the salary cap. >> and that's taking a toll on -- >> i like it, i like it, taking tolls. and tori, welcome back. >> thank you. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along slowly at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound as you head up to the pay gates about 25 minutes before you make it onto the bridge. this morning's commute is moving along slowly on 880 now, passing the coliseum. we've had an injury accident, another one involving a motorcycle. things are finally improving but if you are driving from walnut creek, you need extra
8:27 am
time, from benicia. >> sal, bit -- twitter blew up on the carson trade. looks like it's a done deal. it will be cooler today. low cloud deck. 50s and 60s -- i'm not sure i buy that 64 at mountain view. if you are near sunnyvale or mountain view, just tweet me. 50 in napa. west 13 at sfo. westerly breeze at oakland airport. it's all helped along by that system which is finally moving. it's been spinning out in the pacific for a week. it's weakening considerably.
8:28 am
60s and 70s. i think you will notice it will even be cooler -- cooler. we'll drop 5 degrees for some. low clouds for wednesday and thursday. it looks like sunshine and warm weather will take it into the weekend. rising crime in one bay area neighborhood. the residents are taking their concerns straight to the top.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
welcome back. 8:30. investigators have identified the man they believe is responsible for the deadly shooting at a hells angels funeral in san jose. allie rasmus is in san jose to tell us what may have happened to that suspect. allie? >> reporter: well, that's the question police are trying to answer this morning. when i talked to san jose police earlier this morning, they wouldn't con -- they wouldn't confirm the identity. the painer is reporting he's -- paper is reporting that he's 33 years old. and this photo is from the mercury news. it captures the moments after the shooting at the oakland memorial cemetery. you can see a lot of people moving around when steve towson
8:32 am
was struck and killed by gunfire. police say when they got to the shooting scene, there was no sign of the weapon or the suspect. to youson was a high-ranking member of the santa cruz hells angels. police are supposed to have a press conference to talk about this case and other violence that's happened in the city in recent weeks. we'll have more for you on the news at noon. live in san jose, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. neighbors and business owners in san francisco's marine ya -- marina district says crime is on the rise.
8:33 am
because of that, a crime alert meeting will be held tonight by the neighbors and merchants group. it will be held inside the school, inside the auder to yul. greg sur is expected to be there -- auditorium, greg sur is expected to be there. mountain view police are searching for two men they say sexually a -- assaulted a 16- year-old girl. the alleged attack happened at wisman park. police say the teen reported the incident last week although she says the attack happened last month -- happened last month. she described one man as white, the other latino, both appear to be in their early 20s. we spoke to oakland police a few hours ago and they are still looking for suspects in the city street. it happened last night in west oakland. investigators say the victim is in his 60s. he was stabbed several times in the chest but is expected to
8:34 am
survive. at this point, police only have a vague description of his attacker. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. 8 a -- 8:33. three men accused of killing a man at a marijuana grow site are due to make their first kurt appearance in the afternoon. tonight, the oakland city council will start considering how to spend $60 million in possible new tax money. that $60 million will come in if measure i is passed. measure i will pace a parcel tax on single family homes.
8:35 am
the chronicle reports one spending plan would set aside almost $6 million for the police department. 700,000 would be spend onism proving street lighting. the city council meeting begins at 5:30. the u.s. senate has approved a tough new pipeline safety bill. the measure stems from a series of recent -- recent attacks across the country, including last year's deadly explosion and fire in san bruno. it would boost fines for safety violations, increase the number of federal inspectors and require automatic and remote- controlled shutoff valves on new gas pipelines. the house is now debating a similar bill. happening right now, president obama is speaking to people at a community college in jamestown, north carolina. this is the stop on his three- day bus tour through north carolina and georgia. he's urging congress to pass
8:36 am
his jobs little -- jobs bill. let's listen in. >> that way you can be crystal clear on where you stand on all of the elements of the jobs will. the first vote we asked congress to take is scheduled for later this week. it's a vote that would put hundreds of pluses of -- of thousands of police officers and firefighters back on the job and teachers like linda back in the classroom where they belong. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's the first part. all over the country, budget cuts are forcing schools to day off -- to lay off teachers in -- startling numbers. here in north carolina nearly 2,000 classroom positions have been eliminated for this school year. i visited a school in millers creek where they've had to increase class sizes and there's almost no money for
8:37 am
things like textbook. >> you've been listening live to president obama speaking in north carolina. he's calling on congress to pass his bill beginning -- beginning with the $30 billion proposal to keep the more -- to keep more teachers in the classroom. meanwhile, thieves stole a truck full of rental equipment from a parking lot. they didn't get that far. nothing was taken. no arrests have been made. president obama is scheduled to give a speech in chesterfield tomorrow as part of his nurse tour. a nurse at the veterans association -- has admitted to stealing demerol.
8:38 am
the investigation began after staff members found a re-- found an improved so ringe. in southern california, two klines head -- two klines -- can d.a. trains collided. this was in suspect county, in colton. luckily, nobody was hurt but a hazmat team rushed to the scene because one of the tanks was carelying -- carrying chemicals. this san bruno at a temporary stage that's being used because of construction. it's just current of the other station on huntington avenue. this will da tash they will be used on $460 million projects. caltrans says the tracks will be made safer. a permanent station will also be bit. >> you can see some picture
8:39 am
there let's go to sal. let's look at the 280 commute. 280, i think people might want to think about using caltrain. 280cy very -- is vo slow getting up to highway 17. it's also been pretty slow coming down to the who tom of the hill. the morning commute is gonna be busy if you are driving past 880, although it seems to be improving, of course, this morning at the toll plaza, we've had a big one, 25 minutes there. 8:39 let's go to steve. cooler today, we still have mostly sunny skies. there is a ban of high clouds coming over us. that should thin out later. but the fog is back and it's making a bush, not only on the coast but inland. the long-range outshow the very dry weather and cool down, too.
8:40 am
it will last a few days. it will translit back. i mean, june, july, august, you cannot -- could find find any rain. here we are in the middle of october coming up to november. the fog is not going anywhere. in fact, it will get enhanced. 50s, low, mid- to upper, had a few -- a few upper 40s this morning, excuse me. calm conditions but the easterly bridge that warns up, is now reversing itself.
8:41 am
so today is the day when we start to see a big drop on the temperatures -- in the temperatures on the coast. today i'm going 66. and also much cooler coast, bay, inland. >> inland about -- inland will be pretty -- i think the temperatures need to come down. i think the fog and tea breeze will win out and temperatures will drop off not only today but in to tomorrow. santa clara 78 degrees. 7
8:42 am
san jose -- 77 san jose. warmer as we head into the weekend, especially sunday/monday. it's the endorsement occupy wall street could do without. the group that now supports. movement. also, a thief going for the gold. watch this crime.
8:43 am
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. bank of america is posting profits on asset sales, also good news for coca-cola. right now, the dow is currently up 76. the dow is up 76. the nasdaq is up 16. s&p is up 10. apple will announce third quarter earning today after the closing bell. the first since tim cook has replaced steve jobs. it's estimated that apple sold 41 phones in three days.
8:46 am
that phone will not be included in these numbers. and the company could shed light on why they fired carol bartz. and lowe's says it's closing -- lowing 20 underperforming stores across the country. about 2,000 jobs will be lost as it moves to focus on more profitable locations. no bay area stores are slated to be shut down. lowe's says it's stores in west mip ster and one -- westminster and one other store are the only two affected. it plans to trim the number of stores is opens next year. let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following right now. well, israeli soldier, there he is getting out of the van, back in his hometown of israel. he was set free hours ago.
8:47 am
in exchange, the israelis agreed to release more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners. occupiers still at herman justin plaza. a 10:00 p.m. came and went. a rally is scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon outside of city hall. in a billion over two hours, san jose police will be holding a news conference, they will be talking about the spike in homicides -- in homicides and police shootings. there have been six officer involved shootings in 2011 that's the most since 2004. police say there have been 35 homicides this year in san jose, compared to 20 last year. 8:47. a gang fight erupted in richmond at city hall. why police are having trouble.
8:48 am
>> reporter: police are having a tough time investigating pause no one will speak up -- will speak up. it all happened last friday when when he this were doing work -- when they were doing work. things got tense when rival gang members showed up at the same time. it's stated that they got into arguments and threw dishes an office furniture. it's reported that several 911 officers came into police. once they arrived, they saw so much blood. but once on scene, officers officers could not find
8:49 am
evidence of a crime. i've placed calls with the richmond police department and have yet to hear back from this. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more as it develops. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:48. and tonight, seven of the top republican presidential candidates will gather for a debate in las vegas. one candidate won't be there. jon huntsman is debating the debate. now, herman cain may find hem self the tart of the other candidates tonight. herman crane right there has been rising in the polls. he's almost tied with rit romney. the iowa republican caucuses have moved theirs for
8:50 am
jan 3rd. it was skeled for the 6th but the party there desited to -- decided to change the date. iowa moved its caucus to january 3rd in 2008 because of a state of inin-- states of inmates changing their name. >> this is probably oners -- one enforcement that the american people does not want. in a statement,. >> the party says occupy wall street is tailor-made. they are urging members to join in but they are warranting them not to wear -- wearing that in that -- that would allow them as a racist.
8:51 am
64% say the federal government is more to blame for the economic conditions. 56% said lawmakers were to blame only 33% blame wall street. 8:50. an environmental group is claiming that visitors to disneyland are being exposed to high levels of led. the lawsuit fired earlier claims that led was touched and then you have those germs and that animal this. the court is ordered -- the court 0ed ised to put up those is -- the court issued those to be put up. after the solyndra bankruptcy, the california alternative energy authority has approved tax exemptions
8:52 am
worth $104 million to 33 companies so far this year. the fremont based solyndra got $ $25 million. nine minutes before 9:00. be oakland police are defending their response to a bold theft. the thief grabbed a 14-karat gold chain and rated out of the store and is still on the run. the surveillance camera took a picture of the crime in progress. but the angry pawnshop owner never came by to investigate, it's his store. >> they unfortunately -- you could call it minor, to me it's not minor. it's a big loss for us. >> howard jordan says officers were responding to more serious
8:53 am
crimes at the time of the pawnshop theft, including a shooting and robbery. however, jordan promises to still investigate this -- investigate this incident. we have a sad update on a missing woman in stockton. what happened over the weekend that ended a long search? it's gonna be a casual thing.
8:54 am
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here's something you don't see every day -- a bear cub walking along in the grocery store. police were called after the cub climbed on the fruits and vegetables, the customer grabbed the took, took --ed the cub and took it outside. the boyded it -- the body of a woman found over the weekend has been identified has deleene carlson. she was last seenant finnegan's pub and girl in stockton. on saturday, her body was found in a cornfield. police say she was identified through dental record. >> couldn't believe that everything happened the way it did. i thought she would turn up somewhere. the family can get some closure. i wish it was under different circumstances. an autopsy is being determined -- is being performed to -- is being person formed to determine how she died. police say they have three
8:57 am
possible suspects but not enough to charge any of them. today's five lucky viewers will get to see "lord of the rings in the in in concert. this saturday, october -- this saturday, october 22nd. the winners will take home two tickets to win, scroll down to the "right now" tab and put in the secret word "hobbits." two bs. >> yes. >> that will be fun to see. let's quickly go to sal. >> it is going to be slow out there. we're gonna look at the bay bridge toll plaza first. traffic will be busy as it normally is coming up to the pay gates. let's go to 880 now, and 880 northbound and southbound. that's moderately heavy. if you are driving on the sunol grade. we have traffic getting in the bay. >> let's go to steve. cooler, coast, bay.
8:58 am
it will still be sunny. we have -- we have higher clouds up above but cooler today into wednesday. wednesday looks to be the coolest day about the same on thursday and then warmer on friday. it looks like a little warmer into saturday. >> really? we gotta get ready for halloween in a couple of weeks. >> tori, welcome back. >> thank you. thank you for joining us, everyone. have a great day. >> bye now. pushup
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